very-inspiring-blog-award-logo-23-6-14This certainly has brightened up my day.

Eye Level With The Stylus have nominated Live For Vinyl for a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. A massive thank you to ELwtS – the nomination is very much appreciated. If you haven’t already, I suggest that you check them out. I particularly enjoy the album reviews & love the review of Becks last album where it was described as “So mellow, so beautiful it’s like sinking into the musical equivalent of memory foam.”

To be nominated there are rules that must be followed….

Thank & link to the person who nominated you – Thank you Eye Level With The Stylus .

List the rules & display the award.

Nominate 15 other blogs & comment on their posts to let them know that they’ve been nominated.

Share seven facts about yourself……here goes :

1.  I really believe that I was born into the wrong generation due to my tastes in music, film, clothes. I should have been born in 1945 rather than 1975…….although i’m sure my parents would disagree!

2.  I achieved my childhood ambition at the age of 25. The band I played with at the time released a 7″ single.

3.  Whilst in an ambulance at the Glastonbury Festival in 1998, a reveller pulled the ambulance driver out of the drivers seat and began driving off in the ambulance with me in the back of it…..but the way I felt at the time, I couldn’t have cared less!

4.  Although very critical of The Beatles rereleasing albums again and again with the odd slight improvement, I just can’t help but buy them anyway. I am a bit of a Beatles fanatic but have to turn off whenever I see Paul McCartney performing yet another 10 minute version of ‘Hey Jude’ where he gets each section of the audience to sing for 8 of those 10 minutes. With so much material in that back catalogue, why keep choosing that song.

5. I’m no great movie buff, evidently from my next statement but, the film that makes me laugh everytime I see it is “You don’t mess with the Zohan”. Don’t ask me why, it’s just silly.

6.  I totally lied to get my current job…….and no, I’m not proud of it.

7.  My first ever vinyl single was “Silver Dream Machine” by David Essex………and no, i’m not proud of that either.


And so, now to my nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. These are blogs I check out and the majority are music based…..surprise surprise.

1. 45 Spins   A wonderful blog by a nice guy who is rediscovering our musical roots. Another lover of the vinyl format.

2.  Live For Films As I mentioned earlier, I’m no movie buff but if I want to find out anything about movies then this is the place I go. Before you ask, Yes this is where the name for Live For Vinyl came from. My good friend Phil owns Live For Films……have a look.

3.  Resurrection Songs  This is written by a recent vinyl convert after being given a record player by his brother. It’s like a listening diary. Good stuff.

4.  Music Streetlight  Good music is good music…..right? A girl after my own heart. Why limit yourself to a particular genre?

5.  Past Daily  “Ignorance of your culture is considered uncool” History, people & culture. Always interesting stuff on here.

6.  The Album List Project  A great place to look to get a feel on whether to look into certain albums or give them a miss (although generally if I see a poorly rated album, i’m more intrigued to hear it).

7. 1001 albums in 10 years  The clock is ticking until Nov 2021 to wade through all this music.

8.  Music Of Our Heart  Nice simple layout which is easy on the eye. Great content.

9. Vinyl Witness  Anyone who describes vinyl as “Gods Format” is alright with me!

10.  Mostly Music   Exactly what it says it is……which is why I like it!

11.  Revolutions Per Minute  Religion Politics & Music  – thoughts on music, faith & society.

12. Coffee Muses  General daily thoughts, covers all sorts of stuff really.

13.  Vinyl Connection  A hunger for music, an appetite for vinyl……..sounds familiar:-)

14.  I Found Music  A reliable guide for new quality music.

15. A Life Just As Ordinary  A happy drinkers musings.